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Graphic Designer & Web Programmer active on both agency and client sides. I live in Denver, CO where I am a Graphic Designer & Web Programmer for Turner Public Relations. I've worked on behalf of some of the most high profile brands in the world including Merrell®, K•SWISS®, REI®, Levi's®, Airwalk®, Obermeyer® and Filson®. I attended undergrad at Hope College where I received a B.A. in Religion. Amidst my stints in Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, and Ft. Collins, I spent time hiking much of the Appalachian Trail and motorcycling the continent of South America. In 2009 I moved to Chicago to study Digital Film and Video Production at the Illinois Institute of Art. Over the years, I have developed a diverse background in the creative arts/communications with experience in writing, photography, video/audio editing, graphic design, web design, web development and digital media. When not behind my computer, I am typically tucked away somewhere in the Rocky Mountains backpacking, snowboarding or climbing with my wife and our dogs Kona and Maeby. I follow the adventure and sometimes when I'm lucky, the adventure follows me. Specialties Marketing, Communications, Writing, Graphic Design, Design Management, Web Solutions, Web Programming, Video Editing, Digital Media, Public Relations


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Desperately Adjusting

Posted on Dec 13 by

(Chicago Ohare Int. Airport) Meandering my way around Ohare in a daze, I stumbled up to a Starbucks and ordered my grande white peppermint mocha in spanish. My mind couldn’t quite flip the swith, “I am back States-side now… they speak english”. For the 99 days previous, I’d been wandering around South America on a battered Chinese made motorcycle on an adventure of a lifetime. And arriving back in Chicago was nothing short of a dizzying and...


The End Is Near

Posted on Dec 3 by

Flight (Ushuaia, Argentina – Buenos Aires, Argentina) I am looking out the window of my Lan Airlines flight from Ushuaia to Buenos Aires and in this moment, my mountains have disappeared. For more than ninety days now, I have been following the guidance of the Andes Cordillera and for the first time, the backdrop upon which they stand has gone blank. Below me out the window is nothing more than flat, brown, and barren land. Buenos Aires will be my final stop. But the...


Once IN A Lifetime

Posted on Nov 28 by

Bus Ride (El Calafate, Argentina – Ushuaia, Argentina) While this whole bus backpacker system has definitely mellowed out my once adventurous journey, I can’t consider it all bad. As much as I miss the nonsense that came alongside my Chines made mess of a motorcycle, it would be highly unlikely for me to currently be just about to the southern tip of the continent had I held on to it. Besides the mechanical problems it would certainly have presented, I would also...


Final Bus Ride

Posted on Nov 28 by

Bus Ride (El Calafate, Argentina – Ushuaia, Argentina) I’m getting quite accustomed to the pains of riding the bus. It’s annoying in every which way. And now I find myself on my final leg of my final bus journey of the entire trip. Things are becoming lasts, and this bus ride being one of them. We left El Chalten yesterday at 6:00 p.m. and endured a painful 4 hour bus ride before enduring an even more painful 5 hour layover. A layover in a bus station is nothing...



Posted on Nov 22 by

Bus Ride (Puerto Madryn, Argentina – El Calafate, Argentina) It’s just another day in my travels today, though back home it is anything but. Everyone I know right now is taking in the one Holiday of the year that’s lacking any gimmick. In many ways, thanksgiving is the best holiday of the year. No worries with getting and giving gifts, no costumes or specific clothes necessary… just a holiday to feast on food and share stories with the ones you love. But I am...


Closing In On The Real World

Posted on Nov 17 by

(Puerto Madryn, Argentina) I feel like my trip is starting to close in on me. I am down to just three weeks before I leave this beautiful continent and head for snowy side Michigan for the holiday. And the final week will be spent in Buenos Aires reflecting on two weeks spent in Patagonia. To narrow it all down further, two days will be spent by bus working toward the southern tip and one will be spent in the air flying from the bottom of the earth back to a more forgiving...

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